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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SharePoint Deployment SWOT Analysis

I have a reason for throwing SharePoint down a well-defined method of business analysis. This has become increasingly more important, as I have become some kind of SharePoint "huckster", with no innate talent for sales.

So, here I go, a SWOT analysis of SharePoint. SWOT is really for business firm analysis, so this is a bit of a stretch.


Microsoft Enterprise level product
Nine products in one package (OOB)
Web-based tool eliminates the need for VPN
Deployed in many diverse corporate environs


Microsoft brand is tarnished
Expensive upfront and per user
Requires a knowledgeable executive-level champion


Organize and find business documents fast
Improve business processes and the flow of information
Rapid solution deployment
Can help companies become more transparent


Scope creep can render solutions inoperable
Lack of governance and planning can lead to a failed deployment


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  2. Did you make a compraison between MOSS 2007/2010 and some open source solution like exoplatform, or other?


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